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As you may already know the world has suffered the loss of a truly great man, well before his time. While this site has grown over the years to feature many artists and comics, its origins sprang from a Michael Turner dedicated fan site.

Michael’s work got me into comics, defined what a comic book could be, and personally I feel raised the bar to a level others will only dream of achieving. I cannot count how many artists took their inspiration and direction from Michael. Never have I seen a room where he was giving a drawing tutorial standing room only with everyone’s rapt attention given, irregardless of whether they were artists or not.

The hands of the clock seem to still be stuck on the moment I received the news of Michael’s passing. I still cannot believe he is gone and I cannot begin to imagine the world without him. He leaves a base of fans spanning the globe that adore his work and will find a void that will never be filled. While I am just a fan in the eyes of any passerby, I would count Michael a friend, for he certainly went above and beyond to extend what could only be felt as a personal connection to me and every other fan he met. Even during the most challenging times of his life. We should all learn from this.

Michael humored me for a photo each and every time I asked. Above is one of my favorites.

The outpouring of tributes and rememberances for Michael from friends, fans, and the industry has been a wonderful thing to see. Aspen has requested that anyone wishing to send their condolences to Michael Turner's family is encouraged to send them to:

Aspen MLT, Inc.
C/O Michael Turner
5855 Green Valley Circle, Suite 111
Culver City, CA, 90230

Aspen also encourages anyone wishing to make a charitable donation to please send to Michael Turner's requested charities:

The American Cancer Society


The Make-A-Wish Foundation|917760391

Comic Obsessions is a labor of love and an extension of my love of comics, aimed to promote the talent of some of my favorite artists and titles I collect and enjoy.

This is an independent fan site and is in no way affiliated with the artists or companies they work for.

As you explore the site you may notice that some of the thumbnails do not have links to larger images. I believe in displaying/cataloging only high qualty images and would rather have no image available than a poor quality one.

Additionally, a tidbit on the method to my organization madness for the site. Solicited covers/images are cataloged in the Interiors sections of the site and the Covers section is reserved for the covers actually printed.

Also, I want to extend special thanks to those of you who have contributed to the site.

Enjoy the site!


Michael Turner Checklist - UPDATED!!!!!

So it's not quite the monthly update I had hoped for, but here it is.

The following items were added to the checklist in this latest update:


• Hulk Vol. 2 #6 1:10 Retailer Incentive Variant
• Hulk Vol. 2 #7 Retailer Incentive Variant

Fathom Vol.1 (Aspen Comics)
• Fathom Vol.1: Definitive Edition TPB
• Fathom Vol.1: Definitive Edition Dust Jacket HC LE 1000

Fathom Vol.3
• Fathom Vol.3 #2c 1:15 Retailer Incentive Cover
• Fathom Vol.3 #2d 2008 Baltimore Comic-Con LE 1000
• Fathom Vol.3 #3c 2008 WWT VIP Limited Edition

UPDATED 09.15.08:

Added Covers:

Mercenaries #1a
Mercenaries #1b
Mercenaries #2
Mercenaries #3
Mercenaries TPB

Over the next couple of weeks I'm really going to try to update some much needed sections. This is a small update hopefully one of many.


Michael Turner Checklist - UPDATED!!!!!

Future updates to the Turner checklist will be made on a monthly basis at the end of every month.

The following items were added to the checklist in this latest update:


• Superman/Batman #10
• Spider-Man/Red Sonja #2 Aspen Comics Exclusive

Fathom Vol.1
• Fathom #1 Jay Company Exclusive Color Gold Foil Logo LE 500
• Fathom #1 Jay Company Exclusive Sketch Gold Foil Logo LE 500
• *Fathom #12 Cross Over Tour Book Museum Edition LE 25
• *Fathom #9 Museum Edition (Straw Hat) LE 25
• *Fathom #10 Museum Edition LE 25
• *Fathom #11 Museum Edition LE 25

• Daredevil #100 1:2 Variant

• *Tomb Raider #17 Museum Edition LE 25

• *Witchblade #10 Museum Edition LE 25
• The Art of the Witchblade (Turner WB Cover Gallery)

*any Turner Museum Editions that pop up on eBay will be compared to the list and added if missing.


• Witchblade T-Shirt (Black) – Cover to Witchblade #4
• Witchblade T-Shirt (Black) – Witchblade #25 page 15 & 16 (Sara Pezzini on Rooftop)

Many thanks to Neptune27 for his feedback on the checklist!

As always enjoy the site and feel free to share your thoughts by email or through the contact form. Thanks in advance for your input!


Michael Turner Checklist - UPDATED!!!!!

I have once again updated the Turner checklist. This latest version now includes T-Shirts featuring Turner images. Please note that there are many T-Shirts (both Fathom and Witchblade) that are not included on this version of the checklist simply because I was unable to track down any Top Cow t-shirts in my research efforts at this time.

It also now mimics the Wizard Michael Turner Millennium Edition in that comics now have an added designation of:

PL – Plot
CP – Cover Pencils
IP – Interior Pencils

Take a look and feel free to send me an email with your input! Thanks in advance.


Michael Turner Checklist UPDATED!!!!!

Almost a year later but here is the lastest version. I've made some changes since the one I did back in August of 2007. This version is organized a little differently. I have it broken down in Categories:

- Comics
- Magazine and Other Mediums
- Posters
- Prints
- Statues
- Toys
- Trading Cards

I really struggled with how to group the trading cards. To be consistent I grouped them by the company who distrubuted the cards, but I debated as to whether I should organize them by Comic. What do you, the fans think? Would you rather see the trading cards broken out by Comic:

- Fathom
- Witchblade
- Red Sonja
- Other

Also I added the Fathom and Witchblade toys released by Top Cow and Moore almost 10 yrs ago (I think). Do you think I should include these toys in the checklist or take them off? The DC toys are included since Michael had a hand in the concept designs for the toys. Please take a look and give me your input. Thanks in advance.


RELEASES 2008 updated - June Solicits added!!


RELEASES 2008 updated - January Solicits added!!
Magazine Covers updated - TV Guide #46 - Heroes cover added


RELEASES 2007 updated - December Solicits added!!
DC Covers updated - added JLA #11
Marvel Covers updated - added FF#547 & FF#549
Marvel Interiors updated - added Civil War Chronicles #6 Solicit & Spider-Man/Red Sonja #5 Solicit
Aspen Prints updated - added Superman/Batman #13b & Superman/Batman #13 Interior Page 22
New Wallpaper section added - I'm new making wp's so updates to the wallpapers will be slow.


RELEASES 2007 updated - November Solicits added!!


NEW - Michael Turner Checklist

Please note this checklist is in-progress and is by no means complete. However it's one of the best checklist currently available on the web.


NEWS - Aspen WWC Exclusives
RELEASES 2007 updated!!


2007 SDCC NEWS - Aspen Comics Spotlight (Aspen Panel)


2007 SDCC NEWS - Niles Meets Frazetta, Dracula Meets the Wolfman
2007 SDCC NEWS - Remender Unleashes Frazetta's "Creatures"
2007 SDCC NEWS - Ortega Deals with Warriors and Demons


2007 SDCC NEWS - Kidwell Enters Frazetta's Dark Kingdom
2007 SDCC NEWS - Fotos Expands Frazetta Line of Comics
DC NEWS - DC Comics to Publish World of Warcraft Comic Series


NEWS - Aspen SDCC Exclusives
RELEASES 2007 updated!!

Recovery from knee surgery is going well. It'll be a couple of months before I'm 100%. Thanks to all for the kind words and the get well wishes.


Killian's Vessel #1 PREVIEW added!!
RELEASES 2007 updated!!

Just a heads up to all that visit the site. I may be slow to update for a few weeks. I have an upcoming surgery and I'm not sure how quickyly I'll bounce back.


Death Dealer #3 PREVIEW added!!
Kiani #4 solicited cover added!!
Kiani statue information added!!
Red Sonja statue information added!!
Soulfire: New World Order #1 - HERRERA cover added!!


The RELEASES section is back!!

This section of the site focuses on the release schedule for upcoming projects from Aspen and others. Since the site has expanded outside of just Aspen, you'll notice some non-Aspen titles or non-Aspen work sprinkled throughout. Check it out!


Sensational Spider-Man/Red Sonja #2 - TURNER cover
Fallen Son: Death Of Captain America #4 – Spider-Man TURNER cover
Aspen NEWS from Wizard World Philadelphia

and more....


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